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Harvester Muzzleloading


Al & Bobbie

Wednesday, 16 July 2008 09:32

Based on my years of using Hornady xtp .45 ca. I will continue using this bullet, but only in your sabots. Loading is unbelievable easy and accuracy at a 100 yds. is within 1 1/2 inches consistently. I also shot the TC shockwave super glide,but this bullet in your sabot is a dream to load. I also shot the Knight with their sabot and then with yours. There was no comparison. Yours were easier to load and as accurate or better than theirs, with so much less effort. To further test your sabot, I fired 6 consecutive shots with the Hornady 240 gr. .45 cal. with 100 grs. pyrodex select without running a patch down the barrel and honestly the sixth shot loaded as easily as the first, something I could never possibly do in the past. These six shots grouped less than 2 in. at 100 yds. What more could anyone ask for?

Thank you for making shooting black powder fun again.
Al & Bobbie