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Riflemen Testimonials

I placed an order on the website on 2-28-11 in the evening and today 3-2-11 at 3 PM I got home and found my order had been delivered. I could hardly believe it was at my house so fast.  Thank you for the extremely fast shipping.

Ricky from LaPlata, MD

Tried the CRS sabots with TC shockwave 250's @ 100 yds and got multiple 1" groups and only 2-3" groups with the supplied TC sabots. Well pleased to say the least with these sabots and the easier loading in our TC's. You now have a couple more longtime customers.
Ben from Harlan, KY
CO BullSaber Tooth strikes again for Kevin Fair from Colorado.
Kevin took another Bull with the 350 grain Saber Tooth.

Kevin from CO
I helped my father sight in his TC Omega (1:28" twist) with the Scorpion Funnel Mag's and we laid down a consistent silver dollar group at 100 yards (off-hand).
  • The load was as follows:
  • 240 gr Scorpion Funnel Mag
  • 100 gr Triple 7 FFg
  • Black Crush Rib Sabot
  • Winchester 777 Primers
I'm not sure whether to attribute the great shooting to the bullets or the specially designed sabots but they work great hand-in-hand.  
I've turned my father and father-in-law into Harverster believers.  After the great customer service and the time you took to talk to me on the phone during my last order I will be sure to continue my business with J-Ron and Harvester Muzzleloading.

Jesse from Greencastle, IN
Leawood KSI've been a proponent of the Scorpion on various message boards and in my circle of hunting buddies.   
They sure group nice at the range and worked excellent on this hunt . Look for another order soon.

Jeff from Leawood, KS
Thank You very much for this service, your pt scorpions and sabots worked well with loose triple seven in other rifles, and you make an excellent product. I have recommended you to many of my friends and will continue to do so because of your great customer service.
Joe from Athens, OH
3 shot grouping
Getting ready for muzzleloader season.  I just started using your Sabots and thought you might like to see how your product is working in my T/C Encore ProHunter.
  • Your Yellow Crushed Rib Sabot for BT Bullets
  • Barnes 290Gr. Tipped Boattail Bullet
  • 3 - IMR White Hot Pellets
  • Remington Kleanbore Primer
3 - Shot Group @ 100 yards from the bench.  Not bad..., can't blame any missing on this combo.
Mike from Warrington, PA

Here's a shot of a nice Iowa whitetail doe taken yesterday about 11:15 am at about 30 yards while still hunting some timber near La Porte City, Iowa. I was shooting a Harvester 260 grain Scorpion PT Gold bullet ahead of 90 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder using a Remington Genesis.

Thanks for making a great bullet and thanks for your customer service support in the past.


Scott Wandschneider From IA

Thanks to the folks at Harvester for making such fine products.  Prior to trying the 300 grain Scorpion pt Gold, Crush Rib Sabots, on top of 100 grains of Blackhorn 209, with a CCI 209 magnum primer,  I could never attain acceptable accuracy out of my Thompson Center Encore.  I had tried every bullet-powder-sabot combination one could think of; all yielded less than suitable accuracy for my liking.  I was ready to throw in the towel on my Encore.  Probably the best group I had shot prior to the harvesters was 1.5-2" group at 100 yards.  Nothing was ever consistent.  I think this target speaks for itself!!!  Thanks so much!  Also it's hard to find a company in today's times with such wonderful customer service.  Everyone that I have dealt with is top notch and very helpful.  Truly a class act company!

Jeff Brown from VA


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