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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials

Jacob's First BuckJacob shot his first buck with the Savage and the 260 PT GOLD at about 50 yards.  

Tom ReeseI want to commend you on a fine bullet you have developed. This is my first year of my 40 year hunting life that I have taken a whitetail with a muzzleloader. It was a 128.5 inch 10 pointer, my first 10 pointer out of 113 deer I've taken in Illinois. I took 3 more after him all one shot kills. These pics are my actual first 5 shots ever with sabertooth bullets. Thanks again for a fine bullet.

Tom Reese

Robert & Carmen DrumheiserI am sending you a picture of my son Carmen and myself showing my son's first deer. Carmen harvested this doe at 90 yards using your 50 cal. crushed rib sabots with a Speer 260 grain bullet. The charge was 100 grains of Pryodex (2 pellets). We range tested this load for days, he liked how easy it was to reload with your sabots. We both thank you for such a fine product. It did exactly as you said it would.

Robert and Carmen Drumheiser

Ralph SartorJust wanted to say thanks for the crush rib sabot. I'm enclosing some business cards which I shot at 200 yards.

Ralph Sartor

Swainsow's SafarisHarvester hard-cast, flatnosed bullet. 400 gr. 50 cal. Traditions muzzleloader, Burris scope, Cape Buffalo - Killed in Zimbabwe, Africa 9/01 by Dan DeGruttola One shot at 80 yards, made the SCA record book at 105 1/4.

Swainsow's Safaris

Dr. Morgan FreemanI got this 6x6 elk that green scored 338 B&C points. It was taken at 105 yards with a 330 grain hard cast Harvester bullet through both shoulders and lungs.

Dr. Morgan Freeman

Ken CarasiaGun 50 Cal. muzzleloader. Harvester 50 Cal. sabot in combination with our 45 Cal. 400 gr. hard cast bullet and 150 grs. powder. Broke both shoulders with a single shot. Ken's Advice - Don't try this with any hollow point or soft swagged lead bullet.

Ken Carasia

James P. BellI shot this antelope in Wyoming on September 5, 1998 with on shot at approximately 80 yards. I used a Harvester 330 grain hard cast bullet with 105 grains off FFG black powder. I find the bullets to be very accurate.

James P. Bell

Lee LaChappelleI shot this 7-point buck in Wisconsin with 2 pyrodex pellets behind a 330 grain Harvester at approximately 100 yards. The shot left a 3" diameter wound channel and went through both lungs. Thank you for producing a very fine product.

Lee LaChappelle

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