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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials

I'm very pleased with this combo and is now my go to round. --- John from Hastings, MI using Scorpion (300) PT Gold and H15045BR

Attached is a photo of a target from my first trip to the range with your product I have been chasing a load for my Bergara barreled Encore for several months. My last 3 shots are those touching. Needless to say, the search for the right load is over. --- Jeff from Trenton, OH

Rich from Montpelier, VT on the 260 PT Gold and Crushed Rib Sabot " I love these bullets and sabots."

Whatta Bullet!!! I just got into the ML world this season.
The Scorpion PT Gold is best referred to (in my book) as a ball peen hammer w/ an attitude. This bullet is very much worth its weight in Gold; 2 deer and no tracking needed! I'm not going to consider anything else as far as bullets, you've got my business, grateful for your company and your wonderful customer service. Thanks gentlemen for your commitment to the ML world and the shooting sport. --- Mike from Labelle, MO using the Scorpion PT Gold bullet

I wanted to forward a picture of my muzzle loader bull I got using your products. 300 grain Scorpion PT Gold and Black Crushed Rib Sabot. Thanks for the great products. --- James from Sparks, NV

This is from my first time using / sighting in with 300 grain PT Gold. The only reason to keeping it because of how amazed my groups were this is at 100 yards. Like I said, amazing product you have here, pretty sure I won't be using any other bullet for a while! --- Joshua from Elmira, NY

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the performance of the Scorpion PT Gold bullet. I used it for the first time this season with an 120 gr charge of 777. In September I killed a mule deer buck with it with tremendous results. Also, I killed my largest bull elk ever with the same load. At 65 yards the bull dropped in his tracks!! I was not able to recover the bullet. Just a satisfied customer letting you know how happy I am with your bullets. Up to now I have always used the Harvester 330 gr hard cast and it has always performed well on all my deer. This is my first muzzle loader elk kill and I couldn't be happier. --- Jim from Pomeroy, WA

I have found that the CR sabots perform above the others on the market. Thank you for a great product. --- Roger from Dowagiac, MI
Justin from Dade City, FL took this KS buck with our Scorpion bullets and Crush Rib Sabot.
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